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The greenest, most affordable disposal service in Asheville, Junk Recyclers can haul it all—from yard waste to hot tubs—and we’ll be the most affordable.. Call us at 828-707-2407 for a free quote and to schedule a pickup—which could be the very next day. We know you want your home de-cluttered and your space back, so we like to keep things quick and simple.

We're Junk Hauling Specialists who haul it all - from Yard Waste to Hot Tubs. Call 828-707-2407 for a free quote.

We’re Junk Hauling Specialists who haul it all – from Yard Waste to Hot Tubs. Call 828-707-2407 for a free quote.

Furniture and Debris Removal, Trash pickup, Hauling services

We’ll haul anything, no matter where it is! Hot tub removal, yard waste removal, and even your great-grandmother’s ancient piano—we’ll take it all. Call us at 828-707-2407 for a complete list of items, or view the list here. Box springs, gravel, hazardous waste, and washers and dryers are just a few examples.

Eco-friendly junk removal

Proper Disposal Means Keeping it Away from the Landfill

Did you know that about 99 percent of the items collected by junk removal services goes straight to the landfill? If you’re hesitant to dispose of unwanted items because you don’t want to add to the growing landfill problem, we are right there with you. Junk Recyclers offers an earth-friendly approach to junk removal. We do this two ways: by salvaging all recyclable parts and taking them to a recycling center, and by restoring and re-selling as many of the items we collect as we can (this is the reason we can keep our prices low). If neither of these two options is viable, only then will we consider the landfill. On average, we are able to keep items out of the landfill 80 percent of the time.

Furniture and Debris Removal, Trash pickup, Hauling services

Furniture and Debris Removal, Trash pickup, Hauling services

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Our mission: to reuse, restore and recycle, and to give a 100% effort to help preserve the earth for generations to come.

Friendly to the earth And Your Wallet

About 80 percent of the items we collect is reused, recycled or up-cycled. Since we are able to sell such a high percentage we can then pass the reward down to our customers, in the form of discounts: our prices are 10 to 50 percent lower than other junk removal services. And if you do happen to find a service at a lower price, we will beat it. There is no charge for pickup of antiques, well-maintained furniture (e.g., no scratches, stains, tears, pet damage, etc.), and more. Other items we remove include bicycles, working machinery and power tools. Call us at 828-707-2407 for a complete list of items we remove at no charge, or view the list here.


Furniture removal and resale: the Regeneration Station

Junk Recyclers Does Furniture Removal and Resale

Junk Recyclers Does Furniture Removal and Resale

When Junk Recyclers takes away the well-maintained furniture you have to let go of, you can gain some relief in knowing that we will make every effort to re-sell it to someone who will put it to good use. We take furniture and other items in good condition to Junk Recyclers’ other half: the Regeneration Station, a local, eclectic “mall” where vendors sell antiques, clothing, collectibles, up-cycled treasures (perhaps from your home!), and more.


“Tyler is the Only One Who Recycles and He Was the Cheapest”

“I called all the junk removal companies in the area. Tyler is the only one who recycles and he was the cheapest, hard to beat being the only environmentally friendly removal company and the least expensive. Went right to work, very professional and returned something of value to my old tenants. Will be calling for all my junk removal needs, including the house I have coming up.”

– A Google Reviewer


Conscientious and cost-effective: what makes us number one

Junk Recyclers is the highest-rated junk removal service in Asheville.

“Junk Recyclers gave my basement a new look. We are so pleased with this company and how well they cleaned and carried away our “JUNK.” We had at least 4 rooms of stuff! They were great about sorting through some items that could be used again and not thrown away. This made us feel good knowing that not all was useless. After the work was completed I couldn’t believe how nice our basement looked. Thanks to Junk Recyclers we are able to use this part of our home again. Tyler was great and fair with his price of the removal. I highly recommend you to call Junk Recyclers for good service and great price for removal.”

– Art and Joy Henderson, Asheville


Saving the planet, one truckload at a time

Junk Recyclers began five years ago as a one-man, one-truck, one-storage-unit operation. The goal: reduce the waste stream and, in the process, create an affordable furniture/home goods store. The journey has been an interesting one! If you’d like to know more about our stories—both past and present—please sign up for our newsletter below. And be sure to visit our blog.


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