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A Salvagers Journal

Hello all you wonderful salvagers and junk aficionados! I am Tyler J Garrison though some call me “The Marquis of Debris”. We’ve been asked by many of you to write about all the wonderful stories and the things we see in the world of junk removal, salvage, antique and salvaging. Since I always love a chance to talk about these topics I am finally making this blog a reality. I should warn you right off I am not a great writer, nor am I someone who lets my point get in the way of whatever I want to say in the moment, so you can bet these blogs will cover a great many subjects not on topic and may wander from time to time. On the upside there are some crazy things we see in this world of restoration and hopefully it will be at least interesting.

Asheville Junk HaulersQuick back-story for those who don’t know us yet: I started Junk Recyclers and The Regeneration Station with a pickup truck and 10×10 storage unit. To say we started from humble beginnings is a bit of an understatement. I suppose our story is as much a story of American business success as it is junk and seeing new jobs and businesses succeed is something I am equally passionate about. I hope this blog can also offer help to new businesses, dreamers, and entrepreneurs as well. I am sure in future blogs we will be sharing many general business rants, credos and ideas too.

Looking back, if you had told me all the late nights without pay we would go through I might have rethought all this. But very quick into the journey a simple idea got in my blood: The Idea that it could be possible to limit/eventually end the waste stream and provide the coolest and most affordable home goods and furniture store in the world. This dream became a passion and I can tell you, you had better be passionate about whatever you are doing, otherwise the sacrifice will seem too great. Now, we may still be a long way from seeing our vision fully realized, but everyday one customer and one piece of unwanted misfit junk at a time we get closer, thanks to you our amazing customers. I and the wonderful team here now get to explore crazy basements, garages, and barns searching for unwanted treasures. We build our dream by restoring and building old junk into cool modern masterpieces and having a blast while doing it. Whether its a complete dirty trash out or a salvage expedition you can bet we are out there somewhere right now playing and doing what we love. So come roll up your sleeves with us, get a little dirty, and let have some fun in this world of antique treasure/junk/and repurposed love!

With sincere and warm gratitude,

Tyler J Garrison
The Marquis of Debris
Junk Recyclers Inc.