Tyler Garrison owner of Junk Recyclers

You’ve heard the phrase “Two halves of a whole.” That might be one way to describe Junk Recyclers and the Regeneration Station.

In 2000, Tyler Garrison started Junk Recyclers with a truck, a 10 x 10 storage unit and all the physical and emotional energy he could muster. At first, it was just a fun way to make money but soon became a mission.

“It hit me that there was so much waste and usable materials that our nation was throwing away,” said Tyler Garrison, founder of Junk Recyclers and the Regenerations Station. “A huge amount of the stuff was actually still good and simply needed some TLC. It was then I decided to make a personal and professional commitment to stopping reusable materials from going to landfills.”

That meant reusing, restoring and recycling. He also had an idea to salvage usable items that people could buy at a fraction of big box retail stores. He pictured a mega-thrift store/antique mall. The Regeneration Station was thus born.

Garrison grew his business, which originally encompassed one employee and one truck, to 15 employees, three box trucks and several other trucks and trailers. The 10 x 10 storage unit has scaled to a 26,000 square foot retail store with vendors, consignment items, furniture, artwork, antiques, collectibles, vintage clothing and upcycled treasures.

“It has been a true team effort,” said Garrison. “All of the employees of Junk Recyclers and the Regeneration Station have a vested interest in the environment and in our success. I am very proud of our collective effort.”