How to Pack a Truck

Can you pack a Truck?


When the Junk Recyclers go out on jobs for the day, space can get a little tight! We have to know how to pack! Efficiency is the key to any successful business, being efficient with time and space are vital to this one. Strapping items to the E-tracks attached to our box truck interior walls, correctly stacking boxes, and blanketing furniture are essential to packing any move or donation/consignment pick up. Whether on a junk removal, move, or any other job required of us, knowing the ins and outs of how to pack the truck correctly can make or break a work day, week and so on.


Junk Removal


We constantly balance the speed of packing box trucks to the brim, with presorting to ensure items end up in their proper place. For example, why would anyone ever throw recycling in the dumpster? All trash is collected and then charged by weight! Sorting out the recycling is a part of the day that tends to take up a little time, but it saves space and weight on the dump and return charge from Waste Management (who do an excellent job!) and can add up considerably.


Besides the cost factors, recycling is the smart, and right thing to do. When we pack our trucks, the sorting hierarchy is: resale-ability, reuse-ability, scrap metal (see previous blog), donate-ability, and the absolute last option is the landfill. To help us keep our hours down, presorting the junk removal items into these categories enables us to get them off the truck quicker than if we just slung it all into the truck.


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Switching gears over to moves, this may be the most important part of knowing how to pack. We often hear customers say, “it’s kind of like Tetris.” And that’s true! Loading others belongings can be stressful in already stressful situation. Let’s be real – no one likes to move their collection of material possessions. A huge part of our job on moves is to reduce the stress level and make moving easy, if not enjoyable! Strapping items high or low, or in the middle can literally break an item. Some items may require multiple straps, others can be bungied to the wall to secure them for transport. We use ratchet straps to get everything snug.

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, just like us! Heavier boxes (i.e. books), and furniture with flat surfaces (desks, dressers, etc.) are best on the bottom. We suggest putting lighter boxes, and fragile items higher to avoid anything crunching down on them. We also recommend the larger furniture (couches, buffets, etc.) be loaded sooner rather than later, otherwise space may become an issue quickly!


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