Salvaged Wood and Lumber

Something that is prevalent in a large portion of our Junk Removals is scrap wood. Whether we’re cleaning up a construction site, a family is remodeling a bathroom, or removing old, stored piles of lumber from a garage, a lot of what we collect is perfectly usable! We’ve also done barn deconstructions, which produced some amazing furniture from local wood workers. A rustic look and feel is really hard to beat!


We shouldn’t be throwing away materials when our resources are limited. Sure there is plenty of lumber, but at what cost? If we continue to be wasteful, wasting away seems to be the direction we’re heading. As gloomy as that sounds, the fix isn’t necessarily all that difficult. Let us pick up the scrap lumber you have and keep it out of the landfill! Here is the most recent example of how we use “scrap” wood:




We are building new work spaces! The larger side is for the Garage TRS mechanic to fix up the motorcycles we bring in, the space will be an actual tool room for the Junk Recyclers Inc. to store and maintain. Chad Adair has been helping us recently and has done some outstanding crafting, and he is heading this one up as well. Stop by and say “hey!”



These are examples of barn wood and flooring that we collected, salvaged and used or sold off as inventory:






Wood and lumber are capable of so much. Creating shelter for those in need. Making furniture at a lower cost, to supply more people in the community with luxuries many take for granted daily. These are just a few ideas where saving, and salvaging scrap wood can be used to change lives and reduce waste. What a better ending for “scrap” to be reused for a purpose, instead of wasting away in the wastelands of America!


How to Pack a Truck

Can you pack a Truck?


When the Junk Recyclers go out on jobs for the day, space can get a little tight! We have to know how to pack! Efficiency is the key to any successful business, being efficient with time and space are vital to this one. Strapping items to the E-tracks attached to our box truck interior walls, correctly stacking boxes, and blanketing furniture are essential to packing any move or donation/consignment pick up. Whether on a junk removal, move, or any other job required of us, knowing the ins and outs of how to pack the truck correctly can make or break a work day, week and so on.


Junk Removal


We constantly balance the speed of packing box trucks to the brim, with presorting to ensure items end up in their proper place. For example, why would anyone ever throw recycling in the dumpster? All trash is collected and then charged by weight! Sorting out the recycling is a part of the day that tends to take up a little time, but it saves space and weight on the dump and return charge from Waste Management (who do an excellent job!) and can add up considerably.


Besides the cost factors, recycling is the smart, and right thing to do. When we pack our trucks, the sorting hierarchy is: resale-ability, reuse-ability, scrap metal (see previous blog), donate-ability, and the absolute last option is the landfill. To help us keep our hours down, presorting the junk removal items into these categories enables us to get them off the truck quicker than if we just slung it all into the truck.


Junk Removal Photo: 2016072195145828




Switching gears over to moves, this may be the most important part of knowing how to pack. We often hear customers say, “it’s kind of like Tetris.” And that’s true! Loading others belongings can be stressful in already stressful situation. Let’s be real – no one likes to move their collection of material possessions. A huge part of our job on moves is to reduce the stress level and make moving easy, if not enjoyable! Strapping items high or low, or in the middle can literally break an item. Some items may require multiple straps, others can be bungied to the wall to secure them for transport. We use ratchet straps to get everything snug.

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, just like us! Heavier boxes (i.e. books), and furniture with flat surfaces (desks, dressers, etc.) are best on the bottom. We suggest putting lighter boxes, and fragile items higher to avoid anything crunching down on them. We also recommend the larger furniture (couches, buffets, etc.) be loaded sooner rather than later, otherwise space may become an issue quickly!


Move Photo: IMG_20160527_120158786


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post! We offer full service junk removals and professional move/hauling services with competitive hourly rates! Contact us today to schedule a job, or get an estimate: 828-707-2407

Scrap Metal


At Junk Recyclers Inc., we do our part in helping the environment by sorting through the junk we collect and sending it to the proper place of disposal. One area where we see a decent return is scrap metal. Metal scrapping is something everyone can do! While steel is the lowest it’s ever been, others like aluminum (beer cans) and old copper piping you may have lying around can really add up!! Crushing cans and then tossing them in an extra trash can outside with a lid could add up to cover a bill or two! Depending on how much scrap metal you can save up at once, maybe even some rent money!! Cha ching!

Other pluses are old appliances that can’t be reused. Washing machines, refrigerators and microwaves are some of the heavier ones. When you replace these items, why not get as much as you can from the?! Especially if they aren’t even functioning!

Here’s a picture of the Hendersonville Metal Yard we sometimes venture to when we’re on Junk Removal jobs South of Asheville:




If you have so much metal you can’t haul it away, don’t hesitate to call us! 828-707-2407 Our box trucks are fully capable, and our crews are more than happy to help clean up the clutter. Scrapping metal junk is the responsible was to dispose it, so let us help you get rid of it.


Metal recycling places in Asheville are:


Biltmore Iron & Metal (BIMCO) at


Asheville Metal Recycling at 144 Caribou Rd Asheville NC 28803


Blue Ridge Metal Recycling Inc. at 9 Mulvaney St Asheville NC 28803


Some of these facilities also allow scavenging if you are the artsy type! If you are dropping your own junk metal off, why not see what others have thrown away? Repurposing waste is one step above recycling it! So if you’re a metal worker at heart, maybe you should spend more time at one of our local metal yards!


Waste not, want not!


Be kind to Earth, it’s the only one we have!!


Asheville Junk Haulers

A Salvagers Journal

Hello all you wonderful salvagers and junk aficionados! I am Tyler J Garrison though some call me “The Marquis of Debris”. We’ve been asked by many of you to write about all the wonderful stories and the things we see in the world of junk removal, salvage, antique and salvaging. Since I always love a chance to talk about these topics I am finally making this blog a reality. I should warn you right off I am not a great writer, nor am I someone who lets my point get in the way of whatever I want to say in the moment, so you can bet these blogs will cover a great many subjects not on topic and may wander from time to time. On the upside there are some crazy things we see in this world of restoration and hopefully it will be at least interesting.

Asheville Junk HaulersQuick back-story for those who don’t know us yet: I started Junk Recyclers and The Regeneration Station with a pickup truck and 10×10 storage unit. To say we started from humble beginnings is a bit of an understatement. I suppose our story is as much a story of American business success as it is junk and seeing new jobs and businesses succeed is something I am equally passionate about. I hope this blog can also offer help to new businesses, dreamers, and entrepreneurs as well. I am sure in future blogs we will be sharing many general business rants, credos and ideas too.

Looking back, if you had told me all the late nights without pay we would go through I might have rethought all this. But very quick into the journey a simple idea got in my blood: The Idea that it could be possible to limit/eventually end the waste stream and provide the coolest and most affordable home goods and furniture store in the world. This dream became a passion and I can tell you, you had better be passionate about whatever you are doing, otherwise the sacrifice will seem too great. Now, we may still be a long way from seeing our vision fully realized, but everyday one customer and one piece of unwanted misfit junk at a time we get closer, thanks to you our amazing customers. I and the wonderful team here now get to explore crazy basements, garages, and barns searching for unwanted treasures. We build our dream by restoring and building old junk into cool modern masterpieces and having a blast while doing it. Whether its a complete dirty trash out or a salvage expedition you can bet we are out there somewhere right now playing and doing what we love. So come roll up your sleeves with us, get a little dirty, and let have some fun in this world of antique treasure/junk/and repurposed love!

With sincere and warm gratitude,

Tyler J Garrison
The Marquis of Debris
Junk Recyclers Inc.