Sorting Junk

How Do You Sort?

One of the most prevalent tasks of our job is sorting through customer’s “junk” to be sure the items get sent to proper place. The sorting hierarchy we use is as follows: resale, scrap metal, donate, re-purpose, recycle, trash. This helps us to insure the landfill is truly the last viable option for the stuff we collect, which is of the utmost importance in a wasteful society. We strive to keep at least 85% of what we collect OUT of the waste stream. Separating and sorting, including presorting on the job, saves us time on the unloading side of our job because naturally, everything that we put on the truck has to come off.


Why is sorting so important?

There is a saying that “time is money,” and this is especially true in our field where we have to constantly find ways to use time as a resource. Doing so as efficiently as possible increases our bottom dollar. Sorting increases our efficiency level considerably and allows us to move on to the next task, job or whatever the day throws our way. The back of the box trucks are essentially office space, and so we must strive to keep our work space clean, and in a “ready to use” space, because on busy days, losing 5-10 minutes can put us behind drastically by the end of the work day.


The best case scenario for a Junk Removal is a customer that has everything they want removed in one location, as close to a pull up area as possible. This does two things immediately: it gives a clear picture of the volume it will take up in our truck – allowing us to give a more concise estimate, and also lets us see what we’re removing so we can start sorting right off the bat. Time is money, and we pride ourselves in being in and out on most jobs so as not to waste the customer’s time, or ours.





Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste!


TV’s, wet paint, fire extinguishers, fluorescent light bulbs, batteries and a slew of other environmentally toxic items ARE among the things we’ll help you get rid of! These hazardous materials can be a real pain to figure out where they are supposed to be disposed of properly. County landfills and transfer stations generally accept most hazardous materials from households, but not always businesses. It may be somewhat of a hassle to find the information, but it is out there! We’ll include some hints and tips on how to make disposal a little less stressful.




TV’s have a per unit charge at the landfill, but sometimes they can be donated to those less fortunate. One potential place for television donations is the Veteran’s Quarters. Donation Centers typically accept flat screen televisions only. In the past, Best Buy has accepted three televisions per residential address. Now they charge $25! Donating them, or recycling are the best two options, and should be the first two! If neither of  these work for you, please don’t hesitate to call us. Buncombe County Solid Waste Management takes TV’s and paint on certain Friday, and we almost always make the trip up.


Separating wet paint into Acrylic/Latex and Oil based helps us properly dispose of it quicker and more efficiently. Old paint that is no longer usable can be condensed as long as the bases are consistent. Mixing cat litter with latex paints will render it inert, which allows to be disposed of in the dump. This helps keep costs down, because we charge per gallon.


Contact your local disposal sight to see how much quantity they take a time, and to ask them about specific laws and regulations concerning your specific area. For more information on what we take, visit our page here:


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