How long has Junk Recyclers been in business?
Junk Recyclers was born in Asheville, North Carolina, in 2010.

What services does Junk Recyclers offer?
Junk Recyclers offers moving services, salvage, deconstruction, hazardous materials removal, whole house clean-outs, yard debris collection, and donation pick-ups. We reuse, restore and recycle.

How does Junk Recyclers work?
Simply give us a call at (828) 707-2407. We’ll ask you a few questions, coordinate schedules and get a team out to your location as fast as we can. We know you want the junk out of your home or business now.

What is Junk Recyclers’ commitment to the environment?
We are committed to the planet and make a significant environmental-conscious effort that we’re extremely proud of. We want you to feel good about your junk removal experience and your commitment to preserving the earth for generations to come.

How much does Junk Recyclers cost?
We have varied pricing based on the amount of junk you’d like removed. Please see our Pricing page.

How is Junk Recyclers the least expensive??
Yes. Please visit our Removals page.

Does Junk Recyclers offer hazardous materials removal?
Yes. Junk Recyclers will come to your home or business, collect and separate the wastes and take them to a safe and reputable disposal center.

Does Junk Recyclers charge for estimates?

Does Junk Recyclers accept donations?
Yes. Junk Recyclers will gladly pick up items you’d like to donate to the Regeneration Station or a local thrift shop. We know it’s hard enough figuring out what to donate so we’ll make the rest of the task easy for you.