Junk removal

Eighty-five percent of what we pick up is reused, repurposed, restored or recycled. We do everything in our power to re-sell your junk to people who can make good use of it, or we repurpose of upcycle it in our shop. We also recycle, of course. If none of those strategies aren’t possible, we break it apart with our own hands and take all of the recyclable parts to a local recycling center. If, and only if, the recycle center is not an option, we take it to a landfill.


Junk Recyclers can help eliminate the stress of moving. We’ll help you organize, pack and get to your new home safely and affordably.

House Clean-outs

We remove used furniture, clean out closets, basements, attics, bathrooms, kitchens, and garages, and get rid of yard debris. We remove junk stored anywhere in the house, building or on the property. And we reuse, restore and recycle.


Deconstruction is an eco-friendly alternative to demolition. Instead of destroying items, we take them apart, identify the useful or recyclable parts and remove them from your home. Our commitment is to reuse, restore, repurpose and recycle instead of dumping them into the landfill.

Architectural Salvage

Many items we receive may have some worth or value but are destroyed in the demolition process. Not only do we remove these items, but we also have a huge selection of useable treasures for you to buy at the Regeneration Station. Broken, slightly damaged or whole, salvage is yet another alternative to junk going to a landfill. We save things that others may perceive as valuable. Do you have trash that might become treasure?

Hazardous materials collection and removal

Junk Recyclers will come to your home or business, collect and separate the wastes and take them to a safe and reputable disposal center.

Affordable junk removal

Call us today at (828) 707-2407 for a complete list.

Call us today at (828) 707-2407