A “FULL BOX” = 393 Cubic Feet. minimum space! (43 C.F. more than our competition)

Our smallest TRUCK holds approximately 787 Cubic feet!! or 2 FULL BOXES

Asheville Junk Hauling - Minimum Truck
Asheville Junk Hauling 1/8 Truck
Asheville Junk Hauling 1/4 Truck Load
Asheville Junk Haulers 1/2 Truck Load
Asheville Junk Hauling 3/4 Truck
Asheville Junk Hauling Full Truck Load

Junk Meter– Click on Truck Load amounts to estimate your Junk Load.

Our “Box” load is 393 cubic feet.  43 C.F more than our competition!

How our Junk Hauling prices are more Affordable/Sustainable:

One of the areas where we are able to separate ourselves from the competition is by being more efficient, and effective with the way we do junk removal. Instead of only using the industry standard 10ft truck, we use a variety of sizes to minimize fuel usage, which maximizes your savings, and allows us to do even large jobs in the most efficient way possible.


The industry standard in Junk Removal throughout the nation is to use a 10 ft box truck with a dump bed. These trucks contain approximately 350 cubic feet of volume. So when you see a company saying “full truck,” you are getting  350-400 cubic feet of space max. If the job requires more, then they send the trucks back and forth until complete, wasting time and energy!

At Junk Recyclers Inc., our smallest truck holds 787 cubic feet (more then 2 full trucks of brand X). We also have a truck that can haul up to 1/4 box (350 C.F.) more than the double box loads our other trucks hold. We line off each of our trucks in 393 cubic foot sections, so when you see on our chart pricing for a “full box,” we are giving you a minimum of 393 cubic feet of space, regardless of which size truck we need to send out.  This also means for property management companies, and real-estate or foreclosure professionals specifically, the more volume you have, the cheaper per cubic foot we can discount on extra large jobs.



We work with many storage companies and apartment complexes around town, and are open to establishing a mutually beneficial business relationship with local companies!