What makes Junk Recyclers the #1 Asheville junk removal service? When people want their waste and unneeded junk removed they usually contact an ordinary junk hauling service.

At Junk Recyclers, we take pride in providing the EXTRAORDINARY! Unlike many trash companies we do all the work for you while you sit and sip a frosty beverage. Here are four simple ways we make cleanouts better:

  • Most of YOUR JUNK STAYS OUT OF THE DUMP. Unlike typical haulers that take nearly everything to the landfill, we keep over 80% of the stuff we pick up out. We go to great lengths to donate, resell, recycle, repurpose, and reuse nearly everything imaginable. We even work with artist co-ops that take things you would not typically be able to get rid of.

  • LOWEST PRICE . Junk Recyclers guarantees the lowest price in Asheville! If you find a company whose rates are lower, we will beat them! 

  • DONATION-BASED REMOVALYou might wonder how we can do donation based removal. Junk Recyclers has a 26k square foot warehouse where we resell antiques, uniques, salvaged items, and used furniture. (Store link) That means, in most cases, we can save our customers 20-100% over other junk hauling options while also helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

  • The ABSOLUTE GREATEST SERVICE EVER! At Junk Recyclers, we believe your trash pickup and estate cleanup should not only be affordable but also extremely easy! We send a crew that will blow you away with their service and professionalism. We take pride in going the extra mile and making your garage cleanout or basement cleanup a breeze and a pleasure. There is no removal or demolition too large or too small.

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