No better choice than Junk Recyclers

Asheville Junk Recyclers - Junk RemovalWhen it comes to salvage and deconstruction work there is no better choice then Junk Recyclers. Our professional, courteous, and well-trained deconstruction teams will help you with the toughest of jobs.  Whether you need a barn torn down, a building demolished, an interior gutted, or just have some things you want to keep out of the dump, give Junk Recyclers a call. We do it all!


Deconstruction is a great alternative or supplement to traditional demolition. There are millions of tons of demolition and construction waste hauled to the landfill every year through traditional demolition. In many cases, the homes, buildings, barns, schools, and offices have enormous amounts of reusable materials and value contained within them. Correspondingly, the #1 cost of any demolition is…. you guessed it… landfill costs!

With deconstruction, we take out all of the salvageable materials by hand, many of which can be resold. Whether we can save you a little or a lot depends on the job, but salvage and deconstruction are always better on your pocket book and better for the earth.

Asheville Junk Salvage