Scrap Metal


At Junk Recyclers Inc., we do our part in helping the environment by sorting through the junk we collect and sending it to the proper place of disposal. One area where we see a decent return is scrap metal. Metal scrapping is something everyone can do! While steel is the lowest it’s ever been, others like aluminum (beer cans) and old copper piping you may have lying around can really add up!! Crushing cans and then tossing them in an extra trash can outside with a lid could add up to cover a bill or two! Depending on how much scrap metal you can save up at once, maybe even some rent money!! Cha ching!

Other pluses are old appliances that can’t be reused. Washing machines, refrigerators and microwaves are some of the heavier ones. When you replace these items, why not get as much as you can from the?! Especially if they aren’t even functioning!

Here’s a picture of the Hendersonville Metal Yard we sometimes venture to when we’re on Junk Removal jobs South of Asheville:




If you have so much metal you can’t haul it away, don’t hesitate to call us! 828-707-2407 Our box trucks are fully capable, and our crews are more than happy to help clean up the clutter. Scrapping metal junk is the responsible was to dispose it, so let us help you get rid of it.


Metal recycling places in Asheville are:


Biltmore Iron & Metal (BIMCO) at


Asheville Metal Recycling at 144 Caribou Rd Asheville NC 28803


Blue Ridge Metal Recycling Inc. at 9 Mulvaney St Asheville NC 28803


Some of these facilities also allow scavenging if you are the artsy type! If you are dropping your own junk metal off, why not see what others have thrown away? Repurposing waste is one step above recycling it! So if you’re a metal worker at heart, maybe you should spend more time at one of our local metal yards!


Waste not, want not!


Be kind to Earth, it’s the only one we have!!