Salvaged Wood and Lumber

Something that is prevalent in a large portion of our Junk Removals is scrap wood. Whether we’re cleaning up a construction site, a family is remodeling a bathroom, or removing old, stored piles of lumber from a garage, a lot of what we collect is perfectly usable! We’ve also done barn deconstructions, which produced some amazing furniture from local wood workers. A rustic look and feel is really hard to beat!


We shouldn’t be throwing away materials when our resources are limited. Sure there is plenty of lumber, but at what cost? If we continue to be wasteful, wasting away seems to be the direction we’re heading. As gloomy as that sounds, the fix isn’t necessarily all that difficult. Let us pick up the scrap lumber you have and keep it out of the landfill! Here is the most recent example of how we use “scrap” wood:




We are building new work spaces! The larger side is for the Garage TRS mechanic to fix up the motorcycles we bring in, the space will be an actual tool room for the Junk Recyclers Inc. to store and maintain. Chad Adair has been helping us recently and has done some outstanding crafting, and he is heading this one up as well. Stop by and say “hey!”



These are examples of barn wood and flooring that we collected, salvaged and used or sold off as inventory:






Wood and lumber are capable of so much. Creating shelter for those in need. Making furniture at a lower cost, to supply more people in the community with luxuries many take for granted daily. These are just a few ideas where saving, and salvaging scrap wood can be used to change lives and reduce waste. What a better ending for “scrap” to be reused for a purpose, instead of wasting away in the wastelands of America!