Asheville Junk Removal ServiceAn Earth-friendly approach to junk removal. We help our Earth by keeping 80% of the junk we remove OUT of landfills. Here’s how: First, we’ll try to find it a new home by re-selling it (this is how we keep our prices so low). If we can’t do that, we’ll pick apart all of the recyclable parts and bring them to a recycling center. Only after exhausting these two options will we even consider a landfill. But the good news is 80% of the time we can avoid it. That’s pretty good considering 99% of junk removal services go straight to the landfill – polluting our Earth.

The Regeneration Station

The Regeneration Station is where we give a second life to your junk.  The Regeneration Station offers a wide variety of used furniture including early, primitive, mid-century modern and vintage antiques. Visitors will find great deals on furniture, antiques, collectibles, vintage clothing and accessories, and artwork. They’ll enjoy exploring the many vendor/dealer booths as well as the Regeneration Station’s own inventory.

Watch how we put Up-Cycling to work at the Regeneration Station:

How It Works:

1- We come pick up your junk for 20% – 50% less than any other service out there (I say this with confidence because I looked up the prices of all of the other services out there – and PURPOSELY put my prices lower).

2- We do everything in our power to re-sell it to a family who can make good use of it (this is how we keep our prices so low).

3- If that doesn’t work, we break it apart with our own hands and bring all of the recyclable parts to a local recycling center.

4- If, and ONLY if, none of the above work… We take it to the landfill. So, in a nutshell, that’s what this service is all about.

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Asheville Regeneration Station